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  UNLD has a 24×7 security guard coverage that controls access to the building. All employees carry proximity card based I-cards. All important/confidential information is kept in secure lockable file storage.

Three levels of security exist
  • Gate Security
  • Network Security
  • Data Security

Windows 2003 & LINUX based advanced Server and Proxy Server with Fire Wall. Most reliable Anti-virus and Internet Security tools deployed over the entire network. 24X7 surveillance of Network Administrators.

Secured V-LAN for Separate Clients

Provision is made for offshore clients to have their own Local Area Network secure by way of either separate physical network or through separate V-LAN. This kind of provision ensures complete security of data on the LAN.

WAN/LAN switches password

The password for the switches is to be changed every 30(thirty) days. Repeatability of password is to be avoided.

The password is kept at a secure area.

The password would be changed under following circumstances:

Breach of password detected by Networks

Any event that makes it a necessity to change the password as visualized by Head Networks

At the expiry of usage period

On resignation / termination of services of any Technology team member.

Networking-Supporting Needs agents as they serve the customers

is a best-of-breed technology infrastructure redundant, scalable, reliable, & secure.

UPS Room

We have 100% UPS & full generator back up power redundancy for smooth running of processes.


Data Server is placed in high security zone with restricted entry. Data is stored in High Level Encryption format. Strict security and confidentiality assured with Lexicon info systems dedicated Communication lines for data transmission. No records are accessible and cannot be taken out from computers as the requisite devices are either disabled or password protected or are not there. All records are destroyed once the work is completed. If indicated we maintain archive of your records with regular backups.

On a need basis, only selected authorized people from the IT department have access to the data-center room. Internal security is provided using the various security tools / equipment and login / logout mechanisms. All integral access points are secured and documented / recorded. There are secure VLAN’s implemented and tools like firewalls and proxy servers also used to provide an enhanced security environment within the organization and its network.

Antivirus protection

Installation of antivirus software for each virus entry point on the network such as Internet gateway, mail servers, LAN servers, desktop on LAN, laptops and standalone PCs.

Updating program components and virus pattern files to stop the latest viruses.

Disable floppy drive access on all workstations.

Check and clean all floppies and CD media before using.

Perform a Virus Cleaning exercise once in three months.

Daily Backup and offsite storage of month end backup tapes.


It can analyze the performance of a single agent, or thousands of agents, splits or agent/skill pairs.

Reports Management:

Provides over 100 real-time and historical management reports to help you achieve critical sales and customer service objectives.

Strong Administrative Interface:

Provides an administrative interface to the ACD feature of the DEFINITY ECS allowing administrators to access the database, generate reports, administer ACD parameters and monitor call activities to determine the most efficient service possible for our customers.

Call Recorder from NEEDS Customer:

Full Time Recording, Screen Capture , Event based Recording, Rule Based Recording, Recording On Demand, Quality Monitoring .

Digital Phones and Headsets for CSE:

6408D for CSE, Call Master V for supervisors, Teleconnector noise canceling headsets