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  Welcome to UNLD Inc.
  We at UNLD specialize in leasing our contact center premises, technology, work force & operational expertise to your Business. By doing so, we professionally & cost effectively manage all Contact Center-based Corporate communication channels between your Business, your Business partners and your Customers.

Our budget Contact Center services include support for these Corporate communication channels:
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Postal mail
  • Web-chat
  • Mobile Messaging
  • Web Management
Through these communication channels UNLD undertakes a range of activities such as Customer Support, Telemarketing, Lead Generation, Customer Satisfaction Indexing, Record Verification, Market Research, Third Party Assessments, Database Management, Fax & Email broadcasts etc.

Operating out from a custom-built 100 seat facility at west-zone, we capitalize on the abundant supply of energetic, multi-lingual and professional work force from the neighboring college districts. This is further complimented by the country's world-class telecom infrastructure and from here we serve as your Contact Center, giving you a virtual presence in the local, regional and international markets.

UNLD is geared for all your Contact Center-based Corporate communication needs, for all regions, managed centrally from its Indian operations - a complete transparent geographical, language and knowledge process to your customer. Collectively, these services are made possible through our significant investment in quality work force, cutting edge technology from IBM & HP and benchmarked processes.

For every assignment, we start with a concerted understanding of your business model and the project requirement. This is followed by a unique customization of all aspects of the Contact Center competencies. Prior to service delivery, we perform a thorough quality and integrity test on the design and configuration of the hired services. Once successfully tested, the service is delivered to you on or before schedule - guaranteed. Regardless of the magnitude of your requirement, every assignment is performed with the same keen sense of excellence and attention - bound by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and routinely reflected in the daily, weekly, monthly and end-of-project report.

And for those rare yet not too uncommon scenarios when you are faced with an absolute urgent need, we maintain a sufficient level of spare resources - enabling us to implement even the most technically complex requirement at a fraction of the usual time-frame (perhaps you'd find yourself in need of a US or anywhere based Toll-free number activated and answered on your behalf...all within a few hours of your order!)